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Managing Social Media for Estheticians

Grow from ordinary to extraordinary

On the quest to grow from an ordinary esthetician into an extraordinary esthetician, it is imperative to get control over your time. There are multiple ways to discuss time management, and we have gone over a few in previous posts. We’ve discussed strategies from keeping negative thoughts from your mind as to not waste time, to waking up early and becoming part of “the morning club”, enabling you to accomplish the most the day has to offer. Now we’ll discuss managing social media for estheticians.

Before hiring a Social Media Manager (SMM), you need to ask yourself some questions. Be prepared to answer the following:

  • Do you have a Social Media Strategy? For example, when it comes to Facebook, scrolling through your newsfeed occasionally does not count as a Social Media Strategy that will build your brand.
  • Do you understand the most effective way to gain visibility or even leads with each social media channel? Each channel has unique strengths and weaknesses. By knowing which channels to leverage and how, you can improve your visibility.
  • Do you have a strategy that converts potential clients into paying clients? Nurturing your audience and providing value in your social media content is important. This will help you convert fans into customers.

The good news is there are people who can do this for you professionally while you continue to stay involved in and connected to your network. You will not only get better results, you may end up with time for date night, or even a vacation… GASP!

Social Media for Estheticians

Who Needs a Social Media Manager

It’s not wrong to get help in understanding a portion of your business that could use growth. It’s not wrong to hate doing something that will benefit your business, and therefore outsourcing it. You have to focus and direct your skillset to be successful, and you can’t do EVERYTHING. Learn to delegate where your weak points are, and watch the growth in all directions. Like the growing facets of a crystal, confidence in business grows success in all areas.

Speaking of confidence… How confident are you in your knowledge of how social media works? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should I post my business updates to my friends?
  • Do I know why is everyone using these number signs # in front of their messages? Do I have to? What’s the point?
  • How many social media accounts do I really need? Which ones are my target audience using and how do I get their attention?
  • How come no one is Liking my post?
  • What’s the point of getting more Likes anyway?
  • Where do I login? Just what IS my password?
  • How much should I be spending on social media ads? Should I be spending money on social media ads?

If you immediately connected with one or more of the questions above, you now know exactly why Social Media Managers are imperative to every growing business and business owner.

Stay Connected

When the business owner takes an interest in the online presence of the company, it allows for a more personal interaction and business persona. This makes for a warm lead when trying to offer a product for sale, or earning a new client. Making the company “approachable” is the goal.

It’s good to have an expert in charge of your social media campaign, or at least someone to coach you through it… but you still need to know what’s going on. So, for the head honcho’s out there who “have someone for that”, you still need to know what your business is sharing. Why? Because your clients, friends, reporters, anyone who is real and follows you, will most likely want to engage with you about “that post on Facebook…” Make sure you are prepared to answer.

A good social media manager will meet with you weekly or monthly to discuss the plan as well as the progress. They should share your monthly growth, ask about upcoming promotions, discuss how things are going among other things. This is the same concept as any brick and mortar business who meet with their team to discuss, analyze, and measure marketing efforts or opportunities for continued success of the organization. A good social media manager essentially becomes part of your team and is on the constant lookout for your best interest.

Get Results

A good social media manager understands a variety of strategies such as organic marketing, attraction marketing, knowing when to implement paid ads, and understanding how to communicate with your ideal client. They also seek out creative ways to continually utilize and promote your unique content. For example: it helps to have people calling the spa and booking appointments, or buying products – this is what pays your bills. Promoting it on the platforms that reach potential clients on their phones is an effective way to increase conversions for less money than traditional advertising streams.

The beauty industry is growing in a fast and inspiring way. Don’t waste time scrolling away on Facebook. With a Social Media Manager, you can more efficiently and effectively BOOST your network rather than waste your time and energy. Grow your confidence and your community, online and off, by adding a qualified Social Media Manager to your team. Not only will you get better results, you may also be able to enjoy your “free time.” What a concept!

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