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Get Your Standard Operating Procedure Manual for the Ultimate Guest Experience

To be a world-class business owner, develop world-class protocols.

Every Spa Business Needs Standard Operating Procedures.

Are you ready to tap into your true genius?

"Rock it" in the treatment room and as a small business owner with the Standard Operating Procedure Manual for the Ultimate Guest Experience.

What's included?

  • Increase your sales with efficient guest booking procedures
  • Improve client retention with proper guest check-out
  • World-class Communication procedures for an upscale guest experience
  • Multiply your income by doubling the lifetime value of your guests
  • And more!

Only $139.00

($350.00 value!)

You Will Also Receive These 3 Amazing Bonuses

 COVID-19 Reopening Procedures:

Use this template to ensure that your staff and your guests feel safe & protected. Includes Treatment Room Preparedness, Service Provider guidelines, reopening protocols, and more!

($150.00 value)

 Commitment to Spa Guests:

Customize this template to reassure your guests that you have their health & wellness top of mind.

($75.00 value)

 Outstanding Leadership for the Beauty Business Professional©:

Establish your mission and your company vision to create a team culture and generate the ultimate client experience in your spa.

($150.00 value)

It’s time to streamline your business.

I'm Maxine Drake and I help estheticians grow their business using proven systems to become the top 20% of earners in the esthetic industry.

The Standard Operating Procedure Manual for the Ultimate Guest Experience was created to help you come up with a solid plan, streamline your processes and make your guests feel safe and welcome throughout their stay.

Maxine Drake esthetician standard operating procedures

Get Your Standard Operating Procedure Manual for the Ultimate Guest Experience

Complete with over $300 worth of bonuses!

  • COVID-19 Reopening Procedure 
  • Commitment to Spa Guests Template
  • Outstanding Leadership for the Beauty Business Professional

I’ve had the privilege of knowing & working with Maxine for 12 years now and have found myself saying on many occasions “she is consistently incredible”. A wealthy source of knowledge in addition to being on point, generous, kind & attentive, Maxine is a true professional with so much to offer.

Shawna Pelton

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