How To Find The Right Esthetician Coach Or Mentor

How-To-Find-the-Right-Esthetician-Coach-or-MentorNo matter the profession, you can find a coach or mentor to help you shorten the learning curve and succeed in your business. Estheticians need guidance too.

The right coach or mentor can save you years of hard work, anxiety, and trial-and-error.

How do you go about finding a coach or mentor that’s right for you?

Having the right coach could mean the difference between achieving great results or having a frustrating experience.

Here’s how to evaluate whether a coach or mentor is a good match and the key steps to partnering with the right coach:

Criteria For Selecting the Right Business Coach or Mentor

While every esthetician has different priorities and preferences, here are some common questions to consider when looking for a coach or mentor:

  • Has the coach achieved what you want to accomplish in your business and personal life?
  • Have they helped others like you achieve the success you want?
  • Do they have experience in both being a coach and a beauty business owner?
  • Will they stretch your thinking and help you look at problems from different perspectives so you can find better ways of doing things?
  • Will they challenge the way you think and help you overcome your doubts?
  • Will they provide support and answer questions between sessions?
  • How will they help you take action and stay accountable?
  • Do they believe in you and what you do?
  • Will they be your biggest cheerleader?
  • Will the coach provide a safe environment to work through the personal and emotional challenges as you grow and expand?
  • Are they clear and upfront about their fees and what’s included?

How To Find the Right Coach For Your Beauty Business

The right coach or mentor and the benefits of coaching won’t come knocking down your door if you don’t take the appropriate actions! Here’s how to find the right coach and get the most out of the coaching experience:

1. Know Your Needs

Different coaches have different skill sets, experience, and expertise. You need to know where you need help in order to find the right match.

Gather your thoughts and list out the areas in which you need the most guidance. Be specific about your challenges and write down the outcomes you want to achieve.

2. Do Your Research

The esthetician world is a tight-knit group of beauty professionals. After you have identified a few coaches to consider, ask around and do some investigating to see what other professionals have to say.

Also, look for testimonials and check reviews on third-party sites, if available. Credible reviews are current, specific, and detailed.

3. Schedule a Discovery Call

Many coaches or mentors offer complimentary strategy sessions or discovery calls. Use this as an opportunity to feel them out and assess if they’re a good fit.

During the call, pay attention to their style and approach. Do they resonate with you? Do their philosophies align with your values? Are they qualified to help you where you need support most? Do you have a good rapport with the coach you are considering?

4. Commit and Be Coachable

While a good coach or mentor will give you different perspectives and help you think differently, you have to stay committed and be coachable in order the reap the benefits.

Be open to exploring new possibilities and ideas. Try a different strategy even though it may feel scary. Having the right support gives you the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and break the mold!

A good coach will stretch your current way of thinking and shine a light in the corners of your business that you haven’t noticed.

5. Take Action

When you are given action steps or given awesome advice, be sure to take action. Put those great ideas into motion.

A good coach will prompt you to take action and hold you accountable. Meanwhile, you should do the inner work to get over any fears and doubts so you can do what it takes to become the leader in your beauty business.


You must double your learning rate in order to triple your earning rate.

You must double your learning rate in order to triple your earning rate. Click To Tweet

To achieve growth and success, be prepared to invest in yourself and your business.

If you know the areas of your business in which you need help, schedule a complimentary discovery call with Maxine here.

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